Mobile SMARTS: Kirovka is a software solution
for ordering a code, marking and putting for footwear
How to start?
It is very good if you have a commodity inventory of shoe products. And you have already loaded the names, sizes, materials and other characteristics of the commodity items into the GS1 system and received GTINs on them. We can assume that half of the work has already been done and it remains only to complete the marking without errors. But what if not…
First you need to collect information about your product. The easiest way to do this is to pick up a mobile computer or smartphone, run the
Mobile SMARTS: Kirovka application and puts all the information about the product in the fields. You will start labeling your products this way.

Marking of shoe products
The country introduces mandatory labeling, but just few know how to correspond it.
In just 6 months from 1 October to 1 March 2020 you need to mark all shoe products quickly and cheaply.
Give the employee a marking tool with simple and clear actions — Mobile SMARTS: Kirovka.
Everything is covered with marking codes in accordance with the requirements of the law.
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Business processes
The program will make it possible to meet all the requirements of the "Честный ЗНАК" (Honest SIGN) national marking system at all stages of the supply of shoe products.
During the manufacture of a batch or right before shipment.

Shoes that are imported into the territory of the Russian Federation should be marked.
Any cases: defect, damage during transportation.

Marking your leftovers in the warehouse and in the store.
Current requirements
Mobile automation
Marking is a national project that will eventually cover all products on the Russian market. It is rashly to think that it will pass your business by. We recommend you to participate in pilot projects.
Works only with certified equipment: data collection terminals, mobile
and stationary label printers.
Mobile SMARTS: Kirovka
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  • Simple collection of stock information
  • Automatic ordering and receiving marking codes
  • Pasting over the goods with labels containing marking codes
  • Safe storage of marking codes
  • Commissioning report in GIS MT
    Ready Kits
    Mobile SMART: Kirovka and certified equipment.
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    Kirovka solves a variety of tasks
    To pack "the Chinese" before shipping
    Label and aggregate the imported goods directly at the production warehouse abroad of the Russian Federation. More details
    Not to get caught at the border
    Completely transparent tracking of each commodity position. Accelerate the speed of delivery of your goods from abroad and save on costs. More details
    Start keep records of goods from scratch
    The solution is very easy to use. Start keeping an automated inventory of goods even if you have never done so. More details
    Mark shoes without deep immersion in the process
    To get started, the program does not require a deep understanding of labeling processes. The whole process of work is automated and eliminates the possibilities of errors. More details
    To avoid total business change
    Do you have a well-built accounting system that works like a clock? You fear strong changes in processes because of labeling. Do not worry, Kirovka is easily integrated into your processes.. More details
    Expert opinions on labeling
    There is a fundamental restructuring of the accounting system. Now it is conducted in batches, so 100 identical pieces of goods are taken into account in one line.

    According to the new rules, it will be 100 of the same name, but different units. Each of them has its own individual code, and it occupies a separate line in the account.

    This will require a qualitatively different qualification and responsibility of production personnel, warehouse, and sales area.
    Maxim Eremenko
    I believe that no new processes are appearing. It's just that now the results need to be provided to an external structure. And she will not tolerate liberties. Therefore, great accuracy is needed. Now only new tools - hardware, software.

    Mandatory labeling gives advantages to companies operating "in white" since competitors should now be fully open.
    Panfilov Nikita
    The Snow Queen
    You need to understand that the main thing in the new rules is not marking, but traceability. Goods were previously marked, but in the batch all units were the same, and it was impossible to determine what was left and what was left.

    To meet the new requirements, you need to spend much more effort to coordinate among themselves the various IT-systems.
    Alexey Timchenko
    As the classic said, "long silence had been broken." We are moving to the digital economy right now when we are forced to do it. We really do not want this, but they force us.

    And for business and for the whole market, I think it's good. Since we have to process all our processes, think up something, find bottlenecks and change something for the better.
    Yuri Litvenchuk
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